2016: A New Year, A Cliché Me

Well we are now well into 2016 with it being the end of February and in the last post I talked about some of my winter goals.  And as cliche as a lot of them are, I am still pretty excited about finally committing to actually following through on them. I mean, I am now 33 and if that isn’t the time to do it then when is? 🙂  Some I’m doing well with and others have taken a back seat to work, life and the daily stresses and enjoyments of living overseas.  But since winter is technically not over, I still have time and I am nothing if not good at doing things in a more last minute, surge of remotivation.

Goals Update:

  1. Organizing and tidying my life/apartment:  I am proud to say this one is the one I’ve made most progress on and have spent most of my energy focusing on.  I have so far thrown out a good 6-8 bags of clutter and have 3 more of clothes to donate.  I also have a box of movies and (soon to be added) books to see if there are homes or places to donate them too that could use them since they are all in fine condition and Good Will does not exist in the same sense here.  I am working on planning out a better storage system for my storage room since it is not only storage but also my pantry and closet.
  2.  Loose 25-30 pounds:  This one is in process but a very slow go.  I went home after christmas for 2 weeks which set me back a couple pounds and same with our work retreat which I organized a lot of the logistics for and was three days of team meetings on steroids which is a pretty emotionally stressful and tiring thing for me personally on a normal week.  But each time I’ve gotten back on track and the results are visible to some of the people I haven’t seen in a while so that is encouraging.  I am positive that by my brothers wedding I will have accomplished this goal and will be working on the remaining pounds.
  3. Find a class to join regularly at the Gym:  I have not done this yet but I have a zumba class in my sights and will hopefully work up the courage this week or next week depending on my work schedule.
  4. New Hobby or resurrect an old one:  No movement in this area yet except a friend also wants to learn to sew so we are trying to make our schedules match to give it a go 🙂  Baby steps.


I have also bought a planner that helps you set 30 day goals each month as well as goals for the year in different areas of your life.  I’ve never really worked out so many different yearly goals but I’m excited to really see how this year goes and about some of the changes I’m making.  One of the goals I set for the year is to try something new or out of my comfort zone each month (may up that to weekly as I do it more), and this week I definitely hit that goal.  But that story can wait until the next blog post, which will be very soon.  Blogging more frequently is another goal I’ve set for myself.  So, check back because it will be worth it.  Promise!


4 Responses to “2016: A New Year, A Cliché Me”
  1. Sue Seymour says:

    Hey, Gale, for the end of February, I think you’ve made Great progress….writing all down and taking pictures of your projects definitely makes it believable!

    • litlfish18 says:

      Thanks Miss Sue! Even though I’m not done purging and decluttering, the parts I’ve done are noticeable in my everyday life and really make it a less stressful environment. I am excited to get the rest of it taken care of 🙂

  2. Sue Seymour says:

    Hey, who’s Tom?

    • litlfish18 says:

      TOMS is a shoe company that for every pair you buy they give a pair to a child in need. I love them. They are comfy and cute. Though I wear them out quickly here because I do so much walking on hard cobble stone 🙂

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