This entry is more or less a shameless plug but why have a blog if I can’t use for such things! 😉

My team is currently in the middle of a 30 day Crowdtilt fundraising campaign to raise the rest of what is needed for renovations, furnishings and to open.  A generous foundation has promised match what we raise up to $50,000!  If we can raise the entire amount it would cover all that mentioned above as well as our first year of operations and possibly longer.   There are 12 days left of the campaign and we have already raised $12,000+.  We need to raise at least $18,000 to reach the tilt amount (the amount you have to raise in order for the donations to go through).  Please go check out our page (CLICK HERE) and consider donating.  Check back here, our Facebook page: Terra Nova Pilgrim House and the Crowdtilt campaign for updates and photos.  🙂  Thanks!!

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