Whelp folks, it finally happened!  If you haven’t heard yet, after 6.5 months of waiting, city hall here in Santiago approved our proposal and gave us our renovation permits and operating license!  My teammates signed the contract with contractor and architect the following week and last week, renovations started!!! In one week they knocked down the back wall and cement structure in the patio, gutted the one bathroom, fixed the bubbles in the wood floor and began to build the new brick wall in the back.  It’s pretty impressive how fast they have been working.  We are super excited to finally be moving forward and getting closer to making the Welcome Center a reality.  After the workers are done their part (estimated time is a month), we will then paint, put in lighting fixtures, put in the new floors, the kitchenette and paint.  Once we are able to raise the rest of the money needed for renovations and all our furnishings (more on that in the next blog post) we will then be able to open.











Our goal is to open for the high season on the camino which starts end of spring and goes through the beginning of fall.  It’s an exciting and busy time here in Santiago and I love it!!! The incredibly gorgeous weather we have been having for the last week doesn’t hurt either 🙂  It’s been an amazing break from the rainy, rainy winter that Galicia is known for.



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