Fall Remix

Hello my dear readers (all 5 of you)! Fall is upon us and flying by at rapid pace.  Being that it is still my favorite season despite being thousands of miles away from my beloved Thanksgiving, pumpkin flavored everything and the changing of the leaves, I have still managed to enjoy many fall festivities right here in Spain.  It’s been a busy few months, so in an attempted to include it all I have decided to recap them for you in picture form!  ENJOY!

Wendy arrived at the end of Sept. and our friend Sarah came to visit for 2 weeks in Oct. from Switzy!

I took them on the tourist train through Santiago

We also spent a few days in Barcelona… a very funky city

Andrew and Ryan, traveling journalists with Iteams getting ready to head out on the Camino.

In Sept my team leaders hosted 2 guys who are spending the next year documenting and writing about some of the different projects and ministries Iteams has around the world.  They spent a week on the Camino as pilgrims and a few weeks in Santiago learning more about the Pilgrim House and our team. You can read about the experiences and see their photos from the camino in their 5 part series on their blog:   http://namingtheworld.org/

Fall here means the start of the rainy season… which can be beautiful and annoying all at the same time!

I watched Wendy and 4,000 other people run a very popular race that takes place here in Santiago and takes you through the old city and surrounding areas

we started our building search for the Pilgrim House with canvasing the old city for all prospective rentals. EXCITING!

The leaves started to fall! (there aren’t as many trees here that do but the ones that do make me so happy!)

Wendy and I threw a mini surprise party for Marie (a pilgrim and student) during the coffee break at language school

During Hurricane Sandy we got to skype with Wendy’s 96 year old Mema

Sombreros made it more festive

We went out to experience a Spanish Halloween

apparently we were suppose to dress as “dead Mexicans” (exact words told to us by the bartender when we asked about the party) We thought we heard wrong… I guess not.

I went to Portugal with some friends for the day. O Porto was a gorgeous city… right on the water

the colorful buildings of Porto were breathtaking, especially when the sun came out and the sky turned a brilliant blue 

I went to a Spanish salon for a cut and color an event that freaks me out even in the States.  Even afterSpanish and getting a crazier color with bright highlights then I normally would.. It was quite the success! One of the first times I’ve left a salon truly loving the new do!

Wendy and I made friends with the people who run the restaurant downstairs, and they graciously help us with our Spanish as we communicate through drawings, spanglish and mime 🙂

The Cathedral in fall is magnificent. Everyday I am amazed that such a structure was built by hand over 800 years ago
One Response to “Fall Remix”
  1. Renee says:

    WOW! Gale, your pictures are incredible! Thank you for the ones of you, Wendy and Sarah! I miss her sooo much!! I’m glad she got to come see you and Wendy for a while. What beautiful places you manage to see! I’m so happy for you there. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear.

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