Join a Parade

fireworks at the cathedral

This Wed. was “St. James Day” which is a huge deal here in Santiago (which literally means “St. James”).  Pilgrims and tourists a like poured into the city in preparation for the holiday.  There were fairs, concerts, fire works, light shows, and many parades, rally’s and marches.  Everytime I left my house I seemed to get caught up in some sort of parade that carried me to my destination with bagpipes, drums, singing and dancing to entertain along the way.  Everything led up to Tuesday night where there was a spectacular light show and fire work display at the Cathedral in honor of their patron saint and rang in his day.  Wed. shops, schools and businesses were closed.  It was also the Galego Independence Day, which brought on more marches, chants, parades and Galician flags being drapped from windows, bodies, babies, you name it and it had a flag.  All morning I sat in my apartment while they marched up and down my street.  It was fascinating.  There have also been many protests going on by the young people due to a decision made by Germany to help bail out Spain and its economy.  I am not exactly sure since most of my information comes from translated Spanish but since the young people unemployment rate in Spain has reached 50%, there are calls for change.  It has all made for quite an exciting week!  Here are some pics from the week.  Videos to come if I can figure out how to get them on here 🙂

creepiest parade ever

Fair food is always delicious no matter what country you are in

keys and layout of my apartment!

rabbit stew

Independence day comes to my street

The light show

pilgrims and tourist at the Porto Do Camino

The fair and revolution sign in the park

waiting in the plaza for the show to begin

more of the light show

just parading in tradition dress

a sitar street performer, who is awesome

decorations in honor of St. James


2 Responses to “Join a Parade”
  1. Peggy Joy (Nixon) Swope says:

    Hola, Gale! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! It kind of makes me wish that I was going back to school in September to show your photos to my students! LOL! Northwestern Spain is the only part that I have not visited so that makes viewing your photos even more exciting! Santiago comes from two words, San & Diego which does indeed mean Saint James. How are your Spanish language classes going? I am sure that you will learn quickly since you are immersed in the culture and language. I look forward to seeing more pictures and following you on your incredible journey! Enjoy!

  2. Sue Eberz says:

    I finally got around to your blog e-mail in my inbox (I get so bogged down) Katie and I were wondering about you the other day while everyone was settled down for a nap and we had time to breathe. Before you know it, you’ll really know what your’e doing and how to say it! Adios!

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