Go, Gale, Go!

The Cathedral at night

Well folks, I’ve finally made it to Spain!  After a stops in New Zealand and Japan to visit with friends and family, I am starting to get settled here.  I am currently staying with my friends and teammates, The Foxes who have kindly been showing me the ropes.  They have two sons, Xavier (3) and Silas (16 months) which keep things exciting.  I have been slowly learning my way around and yesterday took the train to visit with a friend in the next city over.  I didn’t even need my map! 🙂  The plan is to start language school at the end of the month and hopefully be able to move into student housing in a week.  The language school offers housing with a family and I think this will be a great way for me to start using and feeling comfortable with the language.  Just the push I need to break out of my comfort zone!

Meat and Cheeses in the Market

The Foxes live in the historic district that is right by the cathedral.  Cobble stone streets and old stone buildings surround us as well as street musicians, pilgrims, merchants and an outdoor market.  The food here is amazing and so fresh.  Every hour you can hear the church bells ringing as well as the seagulls, pigeons and albatroses that live on the neighboring rooftops.   Its quite a quaint city and I can’t wait to start apartment shopping 🙂  The hardest adjustment so far has been that it stays light here until about 10:30 at night.  Since they eat their large meal around 2 or 3 and all everything closes down mid day, everyone stays up really late and stores will then open back up until 8.  8 or 9 o’clock here feels like 5 or 6 back home.  The downside is all government run things close by 2 and stay closed, including banks, and everything is done through the banks.  Since it is summer, though you wouldn’t know it by the weather, there are tons of pilgrims streaming in each day.  We met a young couple from Georgia, in the Chinese restaurant and got to talk to them for a while.  I’m excited to figure out ways to connect with the pilgrims while we are all adjusting to life and learning Spanish.

Tunas playing some authentic songs by the cathedral

Figuring out the milk machine at the market

The spice stand

my first view of the cathedral

A Coruña, the city of crystal

Xavier and I as ninjas

3 Responses to “Go, Gale, Go!”
  1. Danielle Roser says:

    Gale, I’m so excited to read your blog and see all the pictures. And, of course, I’m jealous because it looks so beautiful there. I’m saving up my discover card miles!

  2. Peggy Joy (Nixon) Swope says:

    Hi Gale! So glad that you arrived safe & sound and are beginning to acclimate yourself to Spain! It is a beautiful country and you are in the only part that I have never been to! I’ve been all over central southern and eastern Spain as well as Pamplona & San Sebastian in the north. I envy you – what a wonderful experience! You’ll learn Spanish with the help of the language school but more so just by living there and needing to speak to take care of daily routines, I wish you nothing but happy times and great experiences! I look forward to following your blog! Take care y muy buena suerte!

    Smiles (Sonrisas),
    Peggy (or P.J.or Miss “Nix” or Mrs. Swope) – Take your pick!

  3. Pp says:

    Hi Gale,
    So glad to hear that you have arrived and are beginning to settle in. The Lord has much in store for you and I know you are eager to learn. I will be praying for you as you learn Spanish.
    Love, Mrs. Kinzie

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